Kylie King laughing


Hi! I’m Kylie,

A hypnotherapist, multiple business owner, author, and publisher based in the Blue Mountains. My passion lies in empowering people, a drive that led me to start my business in 2019. Juggling the demands of motherhood and a busy full-time career was overwhelmingly challenging, and I wanted to ensure others in similar situations wouldn’t feel alone. My journey began by offering business and confidence coaching, and over the years, I’ve expanded my skillset to include mindset assistance through hypnotherapy and other modalities, as well as past life regression facilitation.

I firmly believe that anything is possible once you learn to trust and love yourself. In my words, “The answers we seek are within, and with a healthy mindset and belief in yourself, transformation occurs. Sometimes we need help accessing the resources we have within, and this is where I can assist.” Recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, I tailor my sessions to each individual client accordingly.

My business, Kylie King, is dedicated to empowering people by helping them confront their fears and trauma. I primarily achieve this through hypnotherapy, with a strong focus on past life regression. I offer three types of sessions: Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and Beyond Quantum Healing. For those looking to maintain a healthy mindset regularly, I’ve launched the “Undivided” membership.

When I’m not working from my home office, you’ll find me embarking on adventures, exploring, and trying new things with my three children and my partner, Kim.

What They Say

Kylie is phenomenal at everything she does. She is such a kind and generous soul who oozes confidence that rubs off on anyone who comes in contact with her. Her hypnotherapy sessions helped me immensely through my postpartum anxiety and I gift many of my clients her gratitude journal! Thank you for everything you do Kylie!”

Jaime Leigh Hawkins

Kylie is an incredible human being, she completely puts you at ease, I’ve felt extremely comfortable around her and feel like I’ve known her for years. It’s been amazing meeting someone on my wave length, and someone who’s made me feel absolutely incredible about myself! Everyone needs a Kylie in their life!”

Lauren Johnson

Kylie is amazing! She is so kind and caring and supportive. She takes the time to hear you out and gives you encouragement to put your best foot forward. I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their business and their life over all.”

Vicky Spoleti